Commercial Lighting

Blueco Electrical offer design, product and installation advice and assistance in any business environment under the commercial lighting section of our expanding business.

types of commercial lighting

LED Lighting
Blueco Electrical are starting to see an uptake in this type of lighting in commercial environments due to their low cost and longer lifespan.
Track Lighting
This is an ideal solution to commercial and retail spaces where a large track needs to be installed. The system allows for fine tuning and easy changing of position.
Outdoor Lighting
Where possible, LEDs are preferred in outdoor lights for commercial purposes due to their energy efficiency and long life.
Task Lighting
Defined as operational lighting that provides enough brightness to help you complete daily task. Blueco Electrical will assess your individual needs.


What do I need to consider when looking at office lighting?

Office lighting is governed by statutory regulations which govern the conditions for necessary visual performance depending on the task and visual comfort. Standard for office environments include lux however you should also consider avoidance of glare. Our electrical specialists at Blueco Electrical can help you plan out your ideal office environment.

Where is track lighting best suited for?

Track lighting is a great solution for angled, dark corners, long corridors, and sloped ceilings. You have the versatility to either buy the system as a whole or separate parts/ parts you can add on including dimmable lighting which will mean that you need to purchase the correct bulbs and transformer. We recommend you opt for LED lighting.

What is the difference between commercial and residential lighting?

Residential lighting focuses on complementing your home, its aesthetics, your own personal style and is most commonly used as an ambient light which makes your home feel more practical and relaxed. The purposed of commercial or business lighting is to produce a working environment that is productive and protects workers.

Can you advise on the correct type of lighting for my commercial/ business property?

Yes, of course we can, and we would be happy to assist and advise on the best type of lighting along with the layout.


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Blueco Electrical have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of commercial and business properties. Each individual project has been looked at by our engineers and we have advised based on the business’s own requirements, merits, and limitations.
Sports Halls & Leisure Facilities- Blueco Electrical have worked with both sports halls and leisure facilities to ensure their lighting requirements are met. We have worked with property owners to ensure that light is disperse consistently throughout the premises.
Warehouse & Storage- As with Industrial and Factory sites, Warehouse and Storage facilities have unique lighting requirements on not just the interior of the buildings but the exterior as well. Blueco Electrical can assist with the layout and design of lights inside and outside the property.
Exhibition Centres- These normally require excellent lighting which focuses on both function and aesthetic value with highlights on certain sections. Blueco Electrical can work with existing electrics, or install new ones, to create his environment.


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