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Call Blueco Electrical to safely test your electrics before your electrics start to test you. There are a few types of electrical tests, Blueco Electrical are familiar with them all.

Types of Electrical Testing

High Voltage Test
This test is carried out by applying twice the normal operating voltage to the device. Blueco Electrical are looking to make sure that the insulation is not breached when stressed.
This is a test for a trend in readings. A product or device is tested multiple times and Blueco Electrical are looking to make sure there is no significant lessening in readings.
This test is carried out to ensure that the circuit break does not trip and so does not cause an electric shock within an acceptable range of ohms
Line Leakage Test
This test measures undesirable leakage current and consists of visual inspection, dead testing, and finally live testing.
This can only be carried out by a competent person and must be carried out by landlords every five years.
Pat testing
This involves visual inspection, verification of earthing continuity, & a test of soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts.


What are High Voltage Tests used on?

High Voltage Tests are used to test double insulated products. Every unit should pass this test even though a much higher voltage than it is intended for is applied

What is an Insulation Resistance Test used on?

The Insultation Resistance Test isn’t a substitute for the High Voltage Test and is often used in conjunction with this test. Most standards and safety agencies have outlined this as a universal test for all products however it may also be carried out after maintenance or repair.

What is an Earth Continuity Test used on?

An Earth Continuity Test is carried out on any electrical item with a earth pin. This means all Class 1 products; Class 2 products are double insulated which is usually enough protection.

What is a Leakage Current Test used on?

This test is used to measure any undesirable leaking current that is transmitted across the surface of insulation. It was first used on medical equipment however is now used on RCDs and RCBOs.

What is an EICR used for?

A competent person must perform and EICR. This is to conduct an electrical inspection on a property that is being rented out. For more information, visit the EICR page.

What is PAT testing used for?

PAT testing is used across the UK, ROI, New Zealand, and Australia to ensure that all electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety.
Which type of electrical testing do I need?
The only way we can really answer that question, if our FAQs above haven’t, is by talking to you and discussing your requirements.

We are happy to discuss what you may need and offer any advice possible. At Blueco Electrical we simply want to look out for your electrical wellbeing.

Blueco Electrical is an honest and reliable company. We won’t tell you that you need something when you don’t. We would much rather build an honest rapport with you so that when you have any other electrical requirements in the future, you come straight back to Blueco Electrical

Below is just some of the recent work that we have done for happy clients.


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Blueco Electrical have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of commercial and business properties. Each individual project has been looked at by our engineers and we have advised based on the business’s own requirements, merits, and limitations.
Sports Halls & Leisure Facilities- Blueco Electrical have worked with both sports halls and leisure facilities to ensure their lighting requirements are met. We have worked with property owners to ensure that light is disperse consistently throughout the premises.
Warehouse & Storage- As with Industrial and Factory sites, Warehouse and Storage facilities have unique lighting requirements on not just the interior of the buildings but the exterior as well. Blueco Electrical can assist with the layout and design of lights inside and outside the property.
Exhibition Centres- These normally require excellent lighting which focuses on both function and aesthetic value with highlights on certain sections. Blueco Electrical can work with existing electrics, or install new ones, to create his environment.


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